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We hear the horror stories about canvassers not knocking the right type of houses or not completing the job and we understand the frustration this is injecting into the window cleaning community. The canvassers at Vision Canvassing all have window cleaning experience and have been building rounds for over 15 years. Once the canvassing is complete and the client is satisfied with the order, we will maintain contact to ensure that any issues are resolved immediately. The client will have direct contact with the canvassers whilst the canvassing is being done so any requests / problems can be dealt with immediately. We believe the key to building a successful window cleaning round is transparency and communication; we aim to supply our clients with profitable and long term work.

The Process

  • The first thing you will need to consider is what you want from Vision Canvassing and how we can help your business. We have clients that ask us to build them a round from scratch which will bring them in a new monthly income or we have clients who just need their round topping up - we can help you however you decide. 

  • Once you have made contact with us and had a good chat with a member of our team, we will ask you to complete a sign up form which will give us the information we need including what areas you would like to be canvassed, the type of property you want, and how much work you desire. We also ask for information about your company, for example your preferred method for payment  so that we can relay this to your new customers.

  • You will be given a quote for our services along with a copy of our terms and conditions - you can also find this information by clicking here.

  • If you agree the costs and the terms and conditions then we can arrange a slot and give you an estimate as to when the work will be carried out and by which members of the team (so that you can have a chat with them as well if you need to).

  • The team will then canvass for your new work. 

  • The customers will always receive a confirmation phone call within 24 hours to make sure all their details are correct and to confirm they are aware they have agreed to a monthly clean (we understand some canvassing companies "forget" about this vital part).

  • The customer can, if you wish be given a letter confirming the company they have instructed, the payment terms, the period they have agreed to (4 or 8 weekly etc) and what to expect with the first clean. This letter can be tailored to suit your company and will be drafted based on the information you provided at the beginning of the process. The letter will be checked by you before going to your new customers. 

  • We will continue to keep you updated on how the canvassing is going.

  • It is up you when you start doing the work but it will be available to go the very next day.

  • We guarantee a 3 clean minimum term for each of your new customers so if any cancel and it is not the fault of the window cleaner, we aim to replace that customer within 28 days of being notified of the cancel. If this is not possible then a refund will be issued. 

  • We also knock over the requested amount free of charge to ensure the round is built for profit and stability.

  • We will stay in contact with you for as long as you need to once our work is complete and welcome feedback on our work.

Things To Note

We have no minimum order - we work based on what is affordable to you and your business.

We always explain the WFP process to your new customers.

We canvass in all weather conditions.

We often pick up customers who request quotations for conservatory roof cleans and or/ fascia, soffit and gutter cleans - we will provide this to you free and charge. 

We would never knock work we wouldn't have cleaned ourselves when we were window cleaners - we avoid mid-terrace houses or houses with no access.