We are a strong and dedicated team of professional window cleaning canvassers with over 15 years experience in both window cleaning itself and building rounds for several companies.


We provide a first class service covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.



Here at Vision Canvassing, we have a professional and dedicated team of canvassers who have worked throughout the UK for many years. We specialise in building new rounds and expanding existing window cleaning businesses. 

We offer a transparent service and pride ourselves on keeping our clients up to date to ensure a smooth process. 

Our canvassers offer a door to door knocking service and their experience ensures that the rounds are built as efficiently as possible for our client. 

We always confirm the order within 24 hours to make sure all details are correct. We always explain to the new customer that the service they will receive is a long term window cleaning service. 

We are happy to meet with any potential clients and explain our role face to face.